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Warm greetings from California! 


I'm a solo jewelry designer working from my studio in Los Gatos, California.  I love natural gemstones and art glass, Czech glass, color, and pattern.  After accumulating too much material for my own use, I began making pieces for others.  My first Open Studio was in 2017.  It was successful and reaffirming, and the rest is (recent) history. 


From an artistic standpoint, I thrive on designing individually unique pieces.  Some come together quickly; some ideas percolate for awhile, and others are made, taken apart and redesigned or just set aside until a new idea comes along.  Although most pieces are one-off, others do come in various color combinations because when the design is successful, I love re-exploring different color combinations. Take a look the Skeleton Key earrings or the Czech glass bracelets and you'll see what I mean.

On a personal note, I'm a married mother of two beautiful daughters, and new grandmother too!  My daughters are my best fans and critics--even though one doesn't wear any jewelry but her wedding rings.  And Mr. Blue Orb is my best artistic supporter.  He paints while I make jewelry (his work can be seen here), offers an occasional thumbs up on a work in progress, and particularly enjoys coming up with creative names for my pieces. 


I hope you enjoy my work!   


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